Employment Land Investment Incentive Program


Council Meeting Agenda and Reports October 14, 2014

After nearly three years I am very happy that my idea of an employment incentive program is close to reality. I am frustrated that it took this long, however couldn’t be assembled until our commercial industrial review was complete. Now that Council approved that work, the incentive only took staff a few weeks to assemble into a bylaw. This received 3 readings at Tuesday nights Council meeting. This program in short provides incentives for people to build commercial and industrial buildings that will generate employment. This bylaw also wraps in the town centre incentive program but scales that back to employment generation as opposed to residences. The details are contained in the link below. This program was unanimously passed by council with the exception of the priority processing of applicants which was removed from this program. All developers investing into our community deserve timely consistent processing. A staff report is coming to us in a couple of weeks to address current and projected staff resources in the related departments. This will be truly significant for Maple Ridge!

A priority focus of Council has been to improve the ratio of jobs to housing. In addition to retaining and supporting existing businesses, the key to meeting this objective is to attract new commercial, industrial and institutional businesses to locate here.