Official campaign launch press release

Mike Morden for Mayor

Local business owner, Mike Morden hit the ground running in his bid for the Mayor’s seat at his campaign launch Saturday, October 4th. Surrounded by members of the community, owners of local businesses, past Mayor Gord Robson, past Mayor and sitting Council member Al Hogarth, current Council member Corisa Bell, Council candidates Ken Holland, Alex Pope, James Rogers, and Grover Telford, and President of the Chamber of Commerce, Terry Becker, he outlined his strategy to get the city back on course. Community members who came to the launch out of curiosity left with lawn signs and a strong conviction that Mike is the one to lead Maple Ridge into a brighter future.

Taking his widely shared concerns with the problems in the community he promised to build a strong local economy, stop the steady leakage of jobs, money, and youth from our community, work for permanent solutions for the downtown core, cut local government waste, work to reduce taxes, and make the tough decisions that Maple Ridge needs to bring about a better future by providing strong, decisive leadership. Asking the standing room only group what it is to be mayor and why they should vote for him he stated, “It’s not about the Mayor but about being a team leader.” Describing himself as determined, goal-oriented, and hard working, with two terms of Council experience, a history of strong advocacy with senior government, and a proven track record of taking action, Mike promised as Mayor he would bring growth and prosperity and deliver change for a better community.


Election day is November 15, 2014. You can learn more about Mike Morden and what he stands for at