Maple Ridge is sadly lacking in connector routes to facilitate the movement of personal vehicles and transit from the east to the west, focusing on connections with the Pitt River bridge and the Golden Ears bridge. 65% of our community leave every day to go to work. ICBC reports 18000 new vehicle registrations in Maple Ridge in the last decade. Our current population is nearly 80K with 130K here by 2040. Planning must focus on more available, efficient, and unimpeded transit routes and connections from Maple Ridge to mass transit in other cities and municipalities.

We must insist on long-term funding, provided by the provincial government, to solve our transit problems and create a more accessible and efficient system using existing funding as taxpayers are simply tapped out. The ever increasing costs for gas, transit, and bridge tolls heaped on top of high property tax increases make it difficult for the average citizen to maintain their standard of living.

Maple Ridge has been passed over too many times when it comes to mass transit including a more viable bus system both within our community and to connect us with other communities.

Most of the lower mainland mayors voted in favour of improved transit but Maple Ridge needs a stronger voice with the Translink committee. Improved transit is not optional – it is a necessity. The Evergreen Skytrain line is in our future, but in the meantime we need more and better transit options.