Excellence at City Hall


Why can’t we shoot for being the best City Hall in the region?

We must ensure City Hall is efficient. I hear complaints, on an ongoing basis, for a myriad of issues such as how long it takes to get a building permit through City Hall to hidden surprises (costs and processes) on development applications. We have a lot of work to do in this area. My first task will be to implement performance measures for every department. Procedures, related to items such as building inspections, building plan review, issuing permits, planning and engineering reviews, and filing processes for bylaws will be examined and efficiencies sought and implemented throughout the entire organization. I have no doubt that we will discover some areas of our business that should indeed be contracted out to those with specialized knowledge and abilities that will result in a more fluid and efficient City Hall. Currently, we have no idea where the waste is, why it is occurring, and even if we need to add resources to help with efficiencies. Without performance measures we will never find out. The purpose of efficiency measures is to help determine the best possible way to conduct business and deliver services to facilitate the best possible experience for our customers – the community. Our goal must be to provide the best possible service with the least possible waste and delay. Efficient and effective processes will ensure we can deliver excellent customer service today and into the future.

At City Hall we need to cut red tape. Processes to get things done for our customers have become unnecessarily arduous. We need to deliver services in a manner that is friendly, easy and understandable (noting that we must also have sensible rules and regulations) and as efficient as possible. We must foster an inclusive and harmonious workplace that encourages personal excellence combined with positive attitudes towards that work. This will result in happy staff we are able to retain and a work environment that others are drawn to and seek to join.. Delivering the best will attract the best!

Just because we are in the business of local government doesn’t mean we can’t provide great customer service, with great attitude resulting in a happy staff and happy customers!