Mike Morden for Mayor | Election Issues

MIke Morden for Mayor

proven Leadership and Experience, I will take Action and Deliver change

Excellence at City Hall:  I will work to cut red tape, pursue excellent customer service, and reduce barriers to progress through review and change, letting business investors know that Maple Ridge is open for business.

Build a strong local economy:  I will work to create jobs, attract commerce, and provide shopping.

Lower taxes and cut waste:  I will seek efficiencies, work to attract investment resulting in income streams that will reduce the burden on residential tax-payers, increase our industrial and commercial tax base through the implementation of an incentive program providing employment.

Strong advocacy work with senior Governments:   by working with senior governments, I will seek to effectively manage our social, educational, crime, and transportation challenges. Without strong advocacy and a well thought out plan of action, many of these problems will continue to default to our municipality resulting in no significant change. I will bring positive change.

Quality public safety for our citizens  Everyone wants and deserves great quality service from our police, fire and ambulance services. How do we provide this cost efficiently? It is a high priority for me that our citizens are safe in our community.

Social problems and homelessness   No magic bullets will fix this problem. Hard work, compassion, will and resources will be required for improvement. What we are doing today isn’t working. Above  all we have a duty to keep our citizens safe and be tough on crime. We also have a duty to open up doors for those entrenched to find a way out to something better.

Solid waste: Its a hot topic when I meet with constituents. Everywhere I go I hear everything from “why don’t we have garbage pickup?” to “everything is fine, leave it alone”. We have work to do on this in my view, something not supported by current council. I fully support the review.

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